Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to think about money?

This was the question asked in one of the financial discussion forums.  Here are my thoughts on this subject.

Money is like grease. In sufficient quantity, it makes everything in life go smoother. Too little and you hear squeaks all the time. Too much of it, and it doesn't help things as much, and in fact can cause things to gunk up if it's used without measure.  People with "old money" tend to be much better at managing it.  And, just like grease, money by itself cannot fix a broken machine (whether that machine is health, family, etc.).  An extreme lack of money can cause certain areas of one's life to breakdown (inaccessible healthcare, unable to take advantage of opportunities for education, stress in relationships, etc.).

As I dabble with new age beliefs, I am starting to see how it is very limiting to think about money the way many "responsible" folks do. We think of it as a limited resource and one that can only be earned through hard work and discipline. More and more, I'm finding out that is not true. There are so many examples to the contrary. People born into wealth have different beliefs about it as do people "in the zone".

A few more thoughts on what I have found true in my life with respect to money.  When one is "hungry", one is extremely susceptible to falling for elaborate scams, and must therefore be on guard for them.  When one is "full", it becomes a lot easier to spot such scams, and therefore stay away from them.  Also, people with low self-esteem will often let themselves be scammed even though they can see it, just because they are afraid of being alienated by the scammer.

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