Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A brief introduction to Hinduism

When I was a student at Duke University, one of our professors in the electrical & computer engineering department, Dr. Kishor Trivedi, distributed a small booklet titled "An introduction to Hinduism."  I read it back then, but I wasn't really in a position to appreciate it.  Now, almost 15 years since I graduated, I picked up the booklet and reread it and it made a lot more sense, probably because of the time I have been spending at the Yoga Farm on Saturday evenings listening to their teachings.

I was able to find a pdf of the booklet online.  I really like the way it categorizes the ancient Hindu texts, philosophies, and beliefs.  Well worth a read if you have an interest in this subject.

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  1. A nice blog. Google got me on your blog on one of the Ayurved/health post, and find your other posts on the topic also interesting.
    This particular post is interesting as well. the pdf is very nicely written and, first time I read someone feeling same way about usage of ‘tolerance’ in certain contexts as I do.