Friday, July 11, 2014

Economic data

The following is a collection of economic data reported by Calculated Risk. Some day I hope to understand what all of this really means.  This post is a work in progress and will continue to be updated and organized over the next few months.  Even when it's almost done, this post will likely need to be maintained forever since links may change over time.  This is a summary of the data from Calculated Risk, including a rating for the importance of the data.

Doug Short also covers a number of these indicators in a much more accessible way--he has links to all of the most recent reports from one page, including trends.

Hotels & Restaurants
Federal Reserve
  • Unofficial problem bank list. [Weekly]
  • Bank failures each Friday from the FDIC website. [Weekly]
Economic predictions

From all of this data, and additional things like demographics, CalculatedRisk makes a few predictions on the economy

The following are some statistics that show some structural changes (for the worse) with the US economy, especially since the last down turn.

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